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If you are interested in this trip, contact us and we will send you all the information.


If you are interested in this trip, contact us and we will send you all the information.


We are working on this trip to Mongolia, you will see details here shortly.
If you are interested, contact us and we will let you know when the info is ready on our website.

Shamanism exists from the night of ancestral times. It is the art of connecting with nature, the ancestors, the "world beyond". "The shamans enter into a trance and, at that moment, see messages destined to the different members of the tribe. In Siberia and Mongolia, Shamanism was known as Tengrianism, which meant a reverence for the spirits of heaven, which reflected an animistic belief system where everything in the natural world was alive, impregnated by a spiritual force or, in simple terms, inhabited by spirits, sometimes doctors, others, priests, mystics, psychologists, wise elders, seers and poets, shamans are in all their manifestations the figure designated to negotiate with that hidden reality, and occupy a high position in the society to which they belong, these spirits had to be respected and appeased or the land would become sterile and barren, the animals that serve as food would disappear and fi Finally, the world would come to an end.


To achieve this essential and vital balance between humans, nature and the spirit world, a magical specialist was required, and the shaman took that role. He or she acted as an intermediary or mediator between Humanity and the Other, and as a guardian of the cultural and magical tradition. The gods of the Mongols are the ancestors of their own family: their grandparents and grandmothers, who are the once their heroes and their guardian angels. They think that family love is a strong bond and an energy so powerful that it never disappears. Thus, each new generation can ask for advice from all the grandparents of the family! From childhood, children are taught the idea that nature is alive, that each place has its owners and that Burjan Baabay (Grandfather God) takes care of all of us.


The Buriato-Mongols have the duty to know their genealogy until the seventh generation and in many families the tradition of writing and telling their children and grandchildren who were their ancestors is maintained. They believe in the immortality of the soul. If a person has many sins in this life in the next will be born in a lower level of evolution. And the other way around, good and generous people will return transformed into more intelligent and kind people, with a life full of wisdom and love.

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