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1. Payments

  • A payment of 500/800 € must be made as a commitment to guarantee your reservation, we do not consider any reservation made until such deposit is made.

  • The remaining amount must be paid at least 30 calendar days before the departure date, otherwise it is considered that the client voluntarily waives the reservation and loses the deposit provided, except for exceptions expressly stated in the reservation form sent by BAYARLALA TRAVELS .

  • In the event that a minimum group is required: the minimum group is reported in each of the trip sheets, in the case that the minimum group is not reached BAYARLALA TRAVELS will refund the complete deposit to the client.

  • The percentage of the deposit to be paid to make the registration may vary according to the contracting conditions of each provider, a higher or lower amount may be required according to conditions, this percentage will be communicated to the client at the time of making the reservation.

We have two forms of payment:

  • Electronic transfer - account holder: Tamara Chekaloff Zulet - Banco Sabadell: IBAN / BIC:ES13 0081 0622 0000 0240 2148 / BSAB ESBB

  • Payment by credit card or transfer through our Transferwise account (3% commission to be added to the price).


Please bear in mind that any commission or charge for the transaction must be fully supported by the client, BAYARLALA TRAVELS must receive 100% of the amount quoted.

When you make your payment, please send us the payment receipt.

2. Prices

The price includes the services specified in each trip and in the additional information delivered to the client. In case of modification of the circuit before departure, the services included and not included will be addressed to the information dossier. Are considered as "not included": entry visa costs to any country, passport processing expenses, personal tips to guides, drivers, etc., transfers to places other than those specified, excess baggage and any service not specified as "included".

3. Cancellation of reservation by the client

Any cancellation of reservation by the client must be sent in writing to BAYARLALA TRAVELS and its reception must also be confirmed in writing by BAYARLALA TRAVELS.

If the client desists from the trip, after the formalisation, at least, of the deposit required to consider the reservation effective, he will have to compensate the travel agency with the payment of the management expenses (caused to the selling agency), the justified cancellation expenses (caused to the organising agency and tourist providers) and a penalty consisting of the following:

  • Cancellation between 29 and 15 calendar days prior to the date: 70% of the total amount as a penalty and between 14 calendar days before the start date: 100% of the total amount.

  • Previous penalties and indemnities will not be applicable when the client subrogates another person in their place provided that the companies rendering services do not prevent it and the modification is made more than 5 calendar days before the departure date. In this case, the agency must be compensated with 5% of the total price of the trip in addition to the expenses incurred to make the replacement.

4. Modification of the trip by the organiser

  • The definitive itinerary detailed in the program and in the technical file may be modified. The client expressly accepts the modifications in situ of that itinerary that the organising agency can carry out for the proper development of the trip and for just cause. Changes made due to weather conditions, unexpected impositions of suppliers in the area or for reasons of limited local infrastructure are accepted as long as they do not involve a breach of any of the services included in the contracted trip.

  • The client also accepts the change of hotel establishment that takes place in situ provided that the enjoyed one has a category or characteristics equal or superior to the one fixed in the initial itinerary. In the event that clients must be accommodated in hotels of a lower category than the one contracted, upon their return, the agency will reimburse them for the price difference in the event that it exists.

  • Cases of force majeure (circumstance of others, abnormal and unforeseeable) and when the number of people required to make the trip are not considered sufficient are causes for the modification of the trip. When these circumstances occur, there will be no compensation.

5. Insurance and accidents

All transport operators subcontracted by BAYARLALA TRAVELS have their mandatory insurance by law.

Neither the company providing the service nor BAYARLALA TRAVELS will be responsible for any accident or provide their insurance for causes that are not strictly their responsibility, as detailed below:

  • Climatic reasons, negligence on the part of the client or illnesses of the client.

  • Damage or loss of personal objects of the client.

  • Transportation in your personal vehicle: in no case, the supplier company or BAYARLALA TRAVELS will be responsible for a prior or subsequent accident to any activities using the customer's personal vehicle.

7. Observations

  • Each and every client must follow the safety instructions provided by their guide. In case of failure to follow the safety instructions, no liability will be accepted for injuries or accidents suffered by customers.

  • In order to ensure the safety of all customers, please inform your guide about any health problems, disability, food restrictions, allergies or other, before starting your tour.

  • Clients will be responsible for deciding if they are qualified to perform any activity, as well as the supply and administration of their own medications.

8. Flights

The flights are not included in the prices of trips organized by BAYARLALA TRAVELS, we recommend not to buy any flight until BAYARLALA TRAVELS confirms the quota of the group via email.

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