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Live Ibiza from from a deep perspective, as its inhabitants do!

PRICE: 60*


*Price per person

*Minimum: 20 persons

( Leave your contact details to integrate you in a group)

* Price includes: Transfer, official tourist guide, little bottle souvenir, local product for degustation.

Weekly departure


Duration: 4 hours

The "Hierbas Ibicencas" (litterally: herbs from Ibiza) is a typical drink of Ibiza: like the other typical products of the Pitiusan gastronomy, they are elaborated with ingredients of yesteryear cultivated by the inhabitants of the island, who are used to a subsistence economy. This sweet green/amber spirit drink has been produced since more than 200 years by hydro-alcoholic maceration of various aniseed plants.


Enjoy a unique afternoon in a heavenly location. Live the experience of collecting the herbs of the island, and then produce for yourself this iconic Ibiza drink. We will pick you up at your hotel or at the port of Ibiza at 4 pm and we will take you to a beautiful location on the island, where we will collect those typical herbs. Then we will prepare the famous "Hierbas Ibicencas" (herbs from Ibiza), with the assistance from our local guide. You will take the bottle that you will prepare as a souvenir, although the preparation will not be suitable for consumption, but you will have a very special memory of our island. After having lived this wonderful experience and connected with an ancestral custom of Ibiza, we will prepare an appetizing snack where you will taste typical products of the Island and delicious drinks, as well as the famous "Hierbas Ibicencas".

Note: The actual herbs that we will use for brewing the drink will not be the ones we will harvest together. We will use herbs provided by locals producers.

PRICE: 55*


* Price x person

* Minimum: 20 persons

( Leave your contact details to integrate you in a group)

* The price includes: transfer, official tourist guide, small bag of salt & snacks: nuts, fruits and drinks.


Duration: 4 hours - 9am to 1pm

We will take you to visit the Salinas, from where since Roman times Ibiza was supplied with this precious mineral. We will visit the Interpretation Center, where we will see old tools and learn more about the paths we will walk, we will see birds, flamingos among others, and as a souvenir you will take a bag with the healthy Ibiza salt.

Walk the paths of the saltworks in Ibiza among flamingos, together with our expert guide who will tell you the extraordinary story of the Ibiza salt. This white gold, used since prehistoric times to preserve food, was the main local industry since Roman times. Only the development of tourism has managed to take over this ancestral activity related to land, sea, and sky. The Phoenicians, great travelers and merchants, took advantage of the mollusks of the coast of Ibiza to make the purple dye, then the Romans, in their exploration of the island, found a large and impermeable clay plain by the sea, an ideal place to build the saltworks.

Hundreds of years later and registered as a Natural Park, this area is still dedicated to the extraction of salt and is a living environment for hundreds of species of birds who have made it their home. Today the salt industry survives with only 11 workers, having once employed more than 1,000, who every Summer awaited the great harvest with anxiety.

PRICE: 60*


* Price per person

* Minimum: 20 persons

( Leave your contact details to integrate you in a group)

* The price includes: transport, official guide, souvenir, Tanit or Bes mini mud bust, tasting of typical products, drinks.


Duration: 4-5 hours

We will pick you up from the port or meeting point, and we will go to the sanctuary of the Goddess Tanit in the cave of Es Culleram, in Sant Vicent de sa Cala, in the north of the island. We will make a brief walk to the sanctuary, and will listen to the ancestral history of the area, leaving a flower in offering to the protector of the Island, the Goddess Tanit. As a gift you will get a nice souvenir: a small bust of the Goddess Tanit.


Tanit is the Carthaginian/phoenician Goddess of the island. The Tanit cult remained strongly rooted in the island of Ibiza, where the Goddess was adored until the rise of christianity, in the second century A.D.. Ibiza is the place where more statues of Tanit have been found, especially here in the Cova Des Culleram, in Sant Vicent de sa Cala. Tanit was the Goddess of love, fertility, life, prosperity, harvest, death and the moon. It was one of the most important Goddess of the carthaginians, as it defended the sacred island of Ibiza. Tanit was a divinity represented by the lunar crescent, associated with the God of agriculture and therefore, the fertility of the earth, animals and people. She also had the character of a Goddess of the underground, health and death,and she was the protector of the deceased. Tanit was also associated with the lion, influenced by the Egyptian Goddess Sehmet: this also gave her a warrior character almost unprecedented at the time. However, Tanit would have also held a role as protector of the city and as a protector of good fortune.

PRICE: 60*


*Price per person

It is necessary to bring clothes suitable for aquatic sports, non-slip aquatic shoes, and sunscreen.


Duration: consult

We will pick you up from the agreed point early in the morning. We will meet with the guide who will give us a safety briefing, and we will start this beautiful adventure. Difficulty level: low/medium. Children: from 10 years old accompanied by a senior.


We invite you to live unique sensations in a natural and protected environment, we will feel the waves, the wind and discover a part of the island which is only accessible by the sea. You will meet the world's largest living organism: the Oceanic Posidonia, protected as a U.N. World Heritage Site, and whose sea-weed pastures generate more oxygen than the whole Amazon rainforest. While we row, you will hear stories about ancient and current pirates. You will be able to swim in some heavenly places. The routes will be chosen according to weather conditions. It is necessary to bring clothes suitable for aquatic sports, non-slip aquatic shoes, and sunscreen.

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